Words yield knowledge; knowledge IS power

It is about that time, in the US, that many Physical Therapy programs are about to begin.  I have had the fortune to see many PT techs/aides get accepted and plan to move and start their programs… and they ALL talk about ANATOMY.

God, Anatomy was awesome. It is the hardest class (and justly so) and builds the foundation of your practice, not only in pure facts, but in your ability to learn. The sheer size and volume of terms is unworldly… the Latin, the specific descriptors… the depth and preciseness with which you are expected to describe a part of a bone, or a tubercle on a ramus. It is truly wonderful… for without these descriptors…. the information does not exist.

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Interview with Travel Physical Therapist: Kristen Schwenk PT, DPT

Image Credit: Jaunted.com

Interview Post! I recently ran in to Kristen Schwenk PT, DPT in Philadelphia and we got to talking about PT (naturally).  Kristen was the person who got me into PT and literally introduced the field to me.  For reference, I was in San Diego, we met up on the advise from a mutual friend, and I first heard the words “physical therapist.” I was in my late 20’s at the time and had never even heard of PT. She described her job with such passion and enthusiasm… well, flash forward about 6 years and here we are. 

Besides being a totally cool person, Kristen is a Travel Physical Therapist and had some really nice insights into the setting, some tips/advise, some perspective and really what it’s all about.  So let’s see what she has to say:

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What kind of doctor are you?

Personally, I don’t prefer to be called one thing or another by the patients I treat. Maybe that’s because I’m still a student and not yet a doctor of physical therapy, but I do know (for certain) the reality of the doctorate level work that is being required of me at my current institution. It’s real, and intensive, and when I finish…I will have earned a doctoral degree.

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