Iliotibial Band? More like Lateral Knee Pain.

(Credits: This post is inspired by a recent Journal Club discussion)

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The Ilitotibial Band (ITB) pain that many people seek relief from and many of us will treat is a confusing phenomena. The ITB lies lateral to the thigh as a thickening in the compartmental fascia of the upper leg.  Proximally the tensor fascia lata and gluteus medius insert into the band and distally the fascia inserts onto the lateral femoral condyle and the proximal lateral tibia at Gerdy’s tubercle. The ITB also dives perpendicular to the fascial plane to meet and attach to the femur along the lateral linea aspera.  The muscle belly diectly under the ITB is primarily the vastus lateralis muscle and the cutaneous sensory innervation along the ITB is the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. Continue reading